Optical Sound offers Full Management Services to develop and establish your brand through a collaborative partnership.  These services include:

• Lead all contract reviews, and negotiations.  We believe in educating our clients about the negotiable details, and financial impacts, of all presented contracts.  Our clients should have full understanding, and confidence, when signing contractual agreements;

• Utilize our portfolio of industry contacts to establish an experienced support unit that will make our developed strategy a success;

• Identify avenues for brand promotion within applicable industry publications, and various
media outlets, including EPK (Electronic Press Kit) creation;

• Identify, and assist in coordination, of touring opportunities for live performances.


Optical Sound offers confidential and independent entertainment industry contract auditing services.  This service identifies any concerns, or missing details, that could put the client, or the client’s brand at risk.  Optical Sound will not negotiate any details for a client of contract audits.

This service is performed with 100% confidentiality, and does not require that Optical Sound manage the client.  The fees for the service will vary, and are dependent on the scope of the review.  Please, contact us for further details.

* Note:  This is not a legal service, and Optical Sound does not offer legal advice of any kind.